progress of 2.0

hi MB i like many others are patiently waiting for the release of 2.0 or smart ftp pro...... can you please give us an estimate of when youll release a public beta? or if not beta then how much longer do you think till 2.0/pro?

thanks for your work

Unfortunately we cannot give you an estimate yet. It depends on how much of the planned features go into the first public beta. As you may noticed we just released a new FTP library which SmartFTP v2.0/pro will be using for all FTP operations. This part is completed. The Remote and Local Browsers from which I posted a few screenshots recently is completed as well.

The Favorites and Global Settings still need some work as we plan to simplify the whole Favorites/Global settings management internally and for the end-user.

The Global Queue is the major part which is missing right now.

I hope this gave you a brief overview about the status. As always we prefer to release quality public betas rather than an incomplete piece of software :-)