Duplicate history entries


Each time a connection is made to a site, an entry is added to the history dropdown. As a result, there are many, many duplicates. Our users routinely connect to 5 sites yet the history is filled to the number of entries specified by the Max History Items value.

Our users do save history and the login and port does not change although their password may.

Further, the initial directory does not change. In fact, the dropdown has 50 items but only 5 unique entries in that dropdown.

Uninstalling and removing any relic [Profile]Application DataSmartFTP settings does not appear to affect this behavior.

I am certain (as I can be anyhow) that version 1.0.971 did not behave this way but I'm getting many complaints about it in post 971 versions because the users think these are all different connections and they don't know which one to pick. As it turns out, it doesn't matter since all the history items are duplicate but still they ask.

Any suggestions or assistance would be helpful.

Thank you,

Hello ...

I cannot reproduc the problem here. Please include step by step instructions on how to reproduce the problem. Make sure you have the latest SmartFTP build installed:

Before testing it may be a good idea to delete the history.dat in the
[Profile]Application DataSmartFTP
folder as well.

Thank you.

Hello Mat,

Thank you for your time.

I uninstalled the old version, ensured [Profile]Application DataSmartFTP was removed, and installed the latest build.

I recreated the problem by:
1. Launching SmartFTP,
2. Connecting to a site,
3. Relaunch SmartFTP,
4. Selecting that site from the dropdown, entered password (login had been saved)
5. Relaunch SmartFTP

The resulting dropdown appears as attached. You can see how this would get filled with duplicates rather quickly.

As I said, everything works fine and we have no troubles its just the the duplicate entries in the dropdown make it less than pleasurable to deal with upon connection.

Thank you again for your time.



Hello ...

The problem only occurs if you have the "Save Password" option disabled in the Settings->History. A workaround would be to enable "Save Passwords" in the history settings.

I've "fixed" the problem in the latest developer build 1.0.983.32:


Hello Mat,

Thank you for your time.

I have mixed news:

First, build 1.0.983 does remove the duplicates and I thank you very much for looking into that. I do hope your change makes it to the release build and becomes part of the product.

Second, I uninstalled RELEASE 1.0.983 (from main smartftp.com download page) and installed DEVELOPMENT (your last post in this conversation) 1.0.983. After entering my license key, I am warned that my "SmartFTP Maintenance License has expired, Maintenance Expiration N/A" and I cannot use the product.

Coincidence has a sense of humor!

So, that leaves me in a bit of a bind but that is my problem. I'm writing to tell you that what you had changed worked great for us and I hope that your change becomes part of the release.

Thank you again, I appreciate your time.

Hello Lionel ...

Thank you for taking the time to test it.

Regarding the maintenance expiration. What is your license key number? The maintenance reminder should show up for the official build 1.0.983 as well if its expired. But I can give you more details once I have your license key number.

If you don't want to post it here you can email it to
sales attt smartftp.com