Properties with an Windows NT Server

When checking the properties of an Windows NT server does the Properties / CHMOD show the correct information?

I am setting up somebody else's web site and need the properties
changed I have had to ask the web site administrator to do this and they asked whoever looks after that to do it and it is supposed to be done.
Because I am unable to do it through SmartFTP on a NT server, so they
tell me.
BUT when I check in SmartFTP the settings are not what I want. Is this something with NT Servers or should the information I see be correct?

Thanks if anybody can help

The file permissions you can change with the SITE CHMOD command usually dont have any affect on a Windows system. What you see are mapped permissions from the FTP's server virtual file system. You cannot change the windows's file permissions (NTFS) within a FTP client.


Does that mean that what I see reported is what the directory or file is actually set to? eg: If "Public Execute" is checked that the is the way it is?

My problem is that I want to know for sure that the files are set correctly without relying on someone else to tell me that it has been done.

Thanks for the fast reply last time.

The windows server I connected to returns fake unix permissions for files and folders. They are not representing the actual file permissions.
e.g. if you connect to which is running on Windows 2003, you will see that for all files the unix permission is 600 (rw???????) and for all directories it's 700 (rwx??????).

It may depend on the FTP server software running on the Windows system if the permissions get mapped or not. e.g. if the windows file permissions are "Full Access" for the user "Everyone" it may be represented as a ??????rwx (rwx for public) in the unix permissions. But I seriously doubt this has been implemented this way.