License will not apply


I have the Problem that I can not apply the licens File
in SmartFTP.

It looks like:
I browse to the license File
SmartFTP say your licens will applyed after restart
of the Programm.
I restart the Programm and it appears
unlicensed on the screen.
When i look under Enter license key
no license is applyed.
When i try again to enter the key
SmartFTP say it is always licensed
will you change the license file??

Whatever you do it appears unlicensed.
the OS is Win NT 4.0 Sp6a
I have 2 machines with NT and on both
i have the problem


The problem will be taken care of through email.


i still waiting for an email.

and have a nice day

Hello ..

Please contact us at sales attttt

we contacted you several times without a response.