command only sending of a file


2004-11-24 07:10:51

Is there any way for me to do a file transfer from the local system to an ftp server with only commands entered into the command line window? Since the 'stor' command can't be sent directly, what can I do to avoid drag & drop. I'm trying to automate a transfer using a keystroke macro utility I have and have successfully started SmartFTP and logged in with a user account and password, but can't get a file sent now.

ID: 400007367
User: Bryce Hansen
Company: CommonSense Computer Consulting, Inc
Version: 1.0
Number: 2
Date of Issue: 2004-10-04
Maintenance Expiration: 2004-10-04


2004-11-24 11:05:39

Hello ...

This is not possible yet. But we are soon gonna release a FTP library component which you can use for automation.



2005-03-31 16:43:40

I needed to do the same thing and ended up purchasing a Windows Macro program from WorkSpace Macro that does the job.


2005-03-31 16:48:18

The FTP Library offers automation for such tasks. e.g. automatic upload, download of files and folders, shedules tasks, and much more.

For more information please take a look at: