License/Maintenance Nag Screen - Download version paid for

I bought a license a while ago and "accidentally" upgraded with no knowledge of the maintenance nag screen. Although I am a bit disappointed in the fact that there was no real notice of this change before upgrade, I understand the need to change business models. The problem I have is because a large reason I bought the program in the first place was the fact that I hate nag screens. The license now says "When you buy a SmartFTP license key, you are given the right to use the latest available build of SmartFTP at the time of purchase." Since this happened at version 983, will version 982 be available to download since that is the latest build I have the right and desire to use? Since I don't want any updates after 982, where can I download the version I paid for?

Hello ...

You can get it from

Downgrading will cause problems with the data files though.

Please contact us at sales at with your license key and we will look into your case individually.