filename with accents

File name (or directory name) with french accents appear with a wrong (modified) name.

exemple :
File : M

Hi, it looks to be a server issue, i have tryed with 3 diferent ftp servers and the 3 shows the listing ok (windows XP english with spanish regional setting)

I did a packet trace while browsing with smartftp and i can see that the server return the correct value.
Look below at a part of the packet trace.

4D 82 6D 6F 69 72 65 5F 31 31 2E 78 6C 73

Hello ..

1. Update to latest build.

2. Go to Settings->Transfer and change the Listing Encoding from Auto to ANSI. You better do it in the favorite item settings though.

3. If you post in the premium support forum, please buy a license.


I am using a licensed version.
User : Informatique
Company : C

Same problem with build 983.
Also tryed 'ansi'