Can I alphabetisize list of sites?


I have over 200 sites that I FTP, however need to sift thru them all when I need to upload one.

Is there a way to list them alphabetically?

If not, is there another solution ie alternative FTP client that does this?


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Thank you

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Hello ...

The favorites are automatically alphabetically sorted in the Favorites menu.

Thanks - I wish I had found this earlier..yes, I the tutorials:-)

I created a new folder but could not remove a site outside the folder.

How do I do this?

Hello ...

Go to the Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites

There you can delete/remove the favorites and folders.


Thanks for the clarification.

Now how do I remove the drop down list of mixed sites? - I wish to now work from my categorized favorites folder.

Hello ..

Menu: Tools->Settings : History