Help! - How do I chmod files?

I watched the flash tutorial but found my FTP software different ie
I have Commands-Properties not Commands-Properties/Chmod as in tutorial, plus when highlighting the file I don't get permissions box appearing.

What am I missing?

SmartFTP v10981
Key no - 400002060



Try selecting the desired item and use the F7 key, also instead F7 you can right click properties/CHMOD.

Thanks....I found out thru trial and error one can only chmod the remote files not local ones...correct?

yes, correct. chmod changes the unix mode bits to access a file (most ftp servers run under a unix operating system; in fact "chmod" is a native unix command). as smartftp runs under windows which has a completely different file access permission scheme, chmod is not applicable. just out of curiosity, why were you trying to change the access permissions of a local file?

Thanks for the feedback

I have another problem:

I get this error when trying to set permissions to 755 for a php script I am trying to upload. The current permissions for the script are set at 0 (I can't get it to change).

Please advise


There is no need to change the file permissions of a .php file to make it executable.