Global Queue insists that connection is idle

I am having an incredibly difficult time getting the global queue to work. I add files to it and start it exactly as the tutorial says and nothing happens. It says "Idle" and transfers nothing. I turn PASV on and off, I disconnect from the ftp, reconnect, restart the program, and so on. I've managed to get it working on two occasions, but it seemed more like random luck than anything I did that got it working. Can anyone explain why the global queue is being such a monstrous pain?

This post was originally made by someone else in October 2002 ( ... obal+queue) but was never resolved, which is why I am posting it again!

are you sure you're using the most recent version of smartftp? try downloading the developer build from my footer (which should be version 1.0.982.15 or above). i also used to have some problems where queued downloads didn't start as long as i was connected to the server. i had to stop and restart the global queue, but these issues are long gone by now!