connexion en IPv6

After installing SMART FTP version 1.0.981 to run in IPv6
I choose IPv6 in Settings
When I try to put an IPv6 address by
I get the message : "hostname unknown , cannot connect"
When I try an IPv4 serveur with the IPv4 address : it works , I don't have this message
I don't have any DNS server and the DNS address is not fullfilled on the interface
The machine is Windows 2000 SP4 . The version installed on a Windows XP machine works
Thanks for your help in advance


Actually the IPv6 stack is installed on my W2K PC but it doesn't work as well. . I can ping my FTP server from my client but when I try to connect, smartFTP replies
unknown host
connection closed

and if I try to capture frames with a sniffer (Ethereal), it seems there is no FTP frame sent :?: .
any idea :idea:


Hello ...

In this case I guess the IPv6 support in SmartFTP is not fully working on Windows 2000 - anymore.

We will address the problem in the next major build.

Thanks a lot for reporting.