Error Recovery Options

I am using SmartFTP to download thousands of files from a folder tree on an organization server we are using online to transfer scanned data between us.

The problem is that SmartFTP skips files--I download several times into different local directories, and the file sets are different by about 1%, which is a lot when you have thousands of files.

I think the problem is that unless I check "continue on Error", I have to babysit SMARTFTP and restart it whenever there's a problem. If I don't, I don't see the files that are missing.

To fix my problem I was hoping to find in SmartFTP:

1) An auto-retry mode for transfers--if it has an error, it should just autoretry until it gets it. If it can't, then it should give up
2) A file sync mode--so I can compare online and offline trees, and select only the files that have changed or are missing
3) An "error only" log, where I can see what files failed.

Am I missing something--does SmartFTP have any of these features? Is there a solution to getting a reliable download set?

Registration Info: Is it wise to post my ID? That's what your sticky note seems to suggest. Can't someone else then use that? So in the meantime, let me provide:

User: Neil Shapiro
Company: Scilab Inc.

Dear Neil ...

The global queue is designed to auto resume, auto restart the transfers automatically. Please take a look at the 'Global Queue' howtos at:

We strongly recommend to use the Global Queue for all of your transfers.

The synchronization feature is planned for the next major release.