File changes not showing up

Version: 1.0.971

I've been using SmartFTP for a long time, and it's worked fine until recently. Now when I load photos like I normally have done, they don't show up on the website. When I delete photos using SmartFTP, they still show up on the website. Any suggestions?


- Byron

It's most likely that your trouble is from the browser cache or a transparent proxy, try cleaning the cache or press control+f5 a lot of times.

Any other suggestions? I pressed Ctrl + F5 several times, and the deleted drawings still show up. The changed photos still don't show up. I even went into Internet Options and clicked on Delete Files. Thanks in advance.

Hello ...

As Aok suggested the problem is very likely related to the browser cache or a proxy (might be a transparent one).

Are you sure you delete the files from the right folder on the remote server?

The customer support of your web hosting company may also bring some more light into this problem.


I'm positive that I'm manipulating the files in the correct place. I'm doing it the same way I've done it ever since I started using SmartFTP. The only difference is the files are being changed in Adobe Photoshop CS now instead of Adobe Photo Deluxe. However, some of the files will show up and some won't.

What is the "transparent" thing you're talking about?


Well... I looked at my web page this morning (Monday morning) and everything is back to normal. Strange. Thanks for the help, though.