Global Queue timed ftp


2004-04-29 14:43:03

Is there a way using the Global time to setup the SmartFtp to do an upload/download every day at a certain time.


2004-04-30 13:55:04

This is not possible by design. But with some tricks you can achieve the same result:

- Go to the Settings->Queue
and enable Start Queue on startup
- Queue all the files you want to transfer into the global queue.
- Save the queue file
- Make the queue file read only
- Add the SmartFTP.exe to the windows sheduler.

I hope this solves your problem. An internal sheduler is planned for the next release.


2004-10-14 16:58:24

Any idea when the next release with the scheduler is going to be available?


2004-10-14 17:06:58

There is no ETA for SmartFTP 2.0 yet.