Minimizing and Window Panes...

I have a few minor annoyances, and I was wondering if they were a bug or a setting that I can change.

1) Every time I start SmartFTP it auto minimizes it self, I would rather it startup with focus so that I don't have to click on it in the task bar to bring it up.

2) The Local Browser tree view pane is always "shrunk" when I startup SmartFTP. I have to drag it so that I can view the directory pane.

I've installed the latest dev build, and I thought they were fixed. The first time I ran Smart FTP it correctly focused the window and set the width of the directory pane. So I closed it and re-opened to test, and the same 2 issues came back.

These little issues arn't a real big deal to me, but if there was a way to fix it I would appreciate it.

Anyway, this is great software, makes my work much easier

Oh, forgot my registration id, here it is: 400005117


Use the backup tool to make a backup of the registry settings. Then reset the registry settings and try again. The main window position is saved in the following registry key:
Key: Last Window Pos

Its very likely caused by the problem above. Thus solving 1 should solve 2 as well.

Well, I did that and the first time I opened SmartFTP it worked. The window didn't minimize and when I clicked Local Browser window it was sized correcty. However, when I closed the program and re-opened it and the same problems came back.

Let me make sure I did this right. I downloaded the backup tool, used it to back everything up. Then I ran it again with the "Reset Data" option and checked everything but "Apply operation to data directory".

Thanks for the help so far