No connection: Authentication failed

Sven Taraba

2004-03-19 14:59:13

I had a total blackout on PC and lost configuration datas, also these from smartftp. Now I have downloaded smartftp again, and It was not easy because of CAB-file-error, Windows-Installer-error and so too.
I used


2004-03-19 15:20:43

For premium support please post your license key without the signature.

Thank you.

Sven Taraba

2004-03-20 21:58:25

the ID ist 400002239.


2004-03-21 16:44:10

Please post the log of your FTP session. (right-mouse click into the logview and then save as... or select all and copy&paste).

Did you already contact your hosting provider? There might be a problem with your account or its server.


Sven Taraba

2004-03-21 20:06:27

Here is the logview:

Resolving host name
Connecting to ( -> IP: PORT: 21
Connected to ( -> Time = 181ms
Socket connected waiting for login sequence.
220-FTP server ready.
220 This is a private system - No anonymous login
USER 49716
331 User 49716 OK. Password required
PASS (hidden)
530 Authentication failed, sorry
Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)...

with greatings



2004-03-21 22:05:36

Hello ..

The user or password is wrong. There are 2 causes:
1. Your account is disabled / restricted / misconfigured on the remote server.
2. You did not enter the user/pass information correctly