can a server side folder have too many files?

My ISP says I have trouble uploading to a particular folder because it has approx 12,000 files in it (210 mb). This is part of a substantial site of folders containing pdf files for download by subscribers. The problem is recent, altho' this folder has always been more tricky than others. I have no problem uploading to smaller folders.

The list refresh after an upload attempt takes about 20 seconds, and I have put the keep alive commands to 50 seconds.

Today I have uploaded about 20 files in 3 hours , off and on, but with no great consistency.

Please post your license key (without signature).

A good idea is to rearrange your files. 12'000 files in a single directory is a bad idea. A simple approach would be to create sub directories from (0-9, A-Z) where the first character of the filename is the key of this index.

Thank you

Thanks mb for your idea. But would another tier of subdirectories perhaps also cause problems? I know it can in Windows...we are currently at 4th level where the bid folder is already - we'd also have to recode the file finding on the site for the new folders...