Remote an Local Window


I have the problem, that the sites where are the windows places every time changed.

Can I fix the postion of the windows ?

I have the local Windy on right and the remote window on the left.
After ??? time the windows changed, an it is very bad.


Hello ..

Use the latest build and add your connection to the favorites. Then your window settings will be saved and restored.

Please include your license key data (without signature) in your post.



I make it, but on ?? Minites it's change.

Or I resize the BottomWindow with connection then the Sites are changed

I have Version : Version : 1.0.979.7

My Key hiere in the Posting ?????


ID: 400002223
User: Andreas Seidel
Version: 1.0
Number: 1

Thank you.

You can go to Menu: Window -> Auto Arrange and disable the "Auto Arrange" option if this is what you're looking for.

Otherwise the "rearrangement" of the windows when resizing the main window or other windows / panes inside SmartFTP is by design.

But Remote View window settings are remember when connecting over a favorite.


I check it off. I will test it. I hope it ist going.

In the Other. Smart FTP is a very nice FTP Program.
This is the onliest Point what make me bad ...