Question about restricting bandwidth (might be a request)

My User ID is: 400002004

Being that I'm on cable, I often prefer to have my DOWNLOAD bandwidth unrestricted, but would like my UPLOAD bandwidth restricted to only 20k so that I have some bandwidth left for other applications.

My question is ... can I currently set up SmartFTP to do this?

Also, I'd like to be able to SPLIT my queue into uploads and downloads by allowing me to set threads for each evolution...

Maybe this could be fixing two birds with one stone ... What if there was not only just TOTAL threads and TOTAL MAX bandwidth, but a selector for both UP and DOWNLOAD. That way, I could limit my downloads to 3 threads, unlimited bandwidth - and my uploads to 1 thread at 20k - but still make maximum use of my connections by letting them BOTH run at the same time ...

What do you guys think of that?

Hello ..

Did you take look at the Settings->Transfer->Speed dialog?

There you can set the global and per connection limit.


MOST helpful, thank you!

What about the concept of allowing uploads and downloads to happen asynchronously(sp)? I know it would be a real pain... I wonder if this would be useful to anyone else but me.