Automatic connection on start-up

How do I configure SmartFTP so it will connect to one of my Favorites automatically when I start the program?



This can be done, by using a command line switch via a SmartFTP shortcut.
For more info, use ("C:Program FilesSmartFTPSmartFTP.exe" /?) for target.

By the way, I have no clue if you are a registered customer, since you did post
in the "Premium Support" forum, without supplying your Registration Data.

Sorry, didn't see that I was supposed to include reg. info in my post. I thought there might be a form element when I registered on the BBS. My ID is 400002225.

Thanks for the help!

No problem :wink:

I hope using a command line switch value, such as:
"C:Program FilesSmartFTPSmartFTP.exe" ftp://lm:test@
was sufficient on what you were looking for.

"C:Program FilesSmartFTPSmartFTP.exe" URL ftp://username:password@host:21

isn't working for me. It just opens SmartFTP with a local browser.

I created a shortcut on my XP desktop using that path (with my account info, of course). You mentioned "a command line switch via a SmartFTP shortcut". Does SmartFTP have an internal shortcut feature? I looked around and didn't see anything.

Any suggestions?



Duh. :roll:

Got it. I took out the "URL". It worked.

One odd thing. :?: When the session launches, the local and remote windows tile horizontally (perfect!). But, the left pane of both windows is shrunk and unusable without manually resizing both and horizontally scrolling. Any way to freeze the widths of the panes on start?

Thanks again.


The saving of the "window panes" for FTP servers, was only just introduced.
In the official build of 979. So please make sure you are running up to date.

Tools > Update Check -> "Upgrade"

You will also need to add the site(s) to your Favorites.
Then the window pane location and size will be saved.

I hope this was the answer you were seeking!