Connection closed. Server timeout.

I receive the
Connection closed. Server timeout.
error when trying to FTP larger files (15-40 MB) to my server. I get the timeout at the exact same spot for multiple tries with a particular file, but it will vary from file to file.

This only happens with some of the large files, others transfer without failure.

before upgrading to 1.0.976 I also got the message
A non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately.

It happens when I try to FTP using Windows Explorer as well.

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ID: 400001212
User: Rick Palm
Version: 1.0
Number: 1

Try setting your server timeout value higher in the global settings.

If the site is added to the favorites, then edit the favorite site and set the value higher there as well.

The "Server Timeout" option can be found in the Global & Favorite "Connection Settings" section.

I've already upped the server timeout to 90 seconds...

Try a higher value than 90. Set it to 600 and it might just do the trick.

You may also want to enable Passive Mode if it's disabled.

Also if you got any software firewall or hardware router on the system, make sure it's configured correctly.

And last verify that it's not the server, try another and perform the same exact tasks.

This will distinguish if it's an issue with the server and not on your end.