Excellent FTP program

I've been using the free version of SmartFTP for absolutely ages, from way back in fact, and discovered that it has now changed from freeware to shareware when I hit the check for update button. Anyhow I registered the program the other night and got myself a key so I could upgrade. No problems, just thought I'd say thanks for not dumping the best FTP I've used. Well done!

One thing, perhaps not the right forum, but here goes:

I use SmartFTP almost every day, so I always have it minimized to the tray. Could there be an option added to mimimize on start? And perhaps, mimimize to the tray when clicking the X button instead of closing the app? That may seem superficial, but it would save me having to keep mimimizing the app to the tray.

Again, thanks.

Hello ..

Thank you for your compliments.

Unfortunately the new setting you're requesting is too specific. Sorry.

I'll try and be a bit more vague next time

If others request it, what then? It is a feature found in many applications, so didn't think it would be that hard to implement...oh well.

Yeah Matt this option would be nice.

Not sure if it's any challange for you anyway

"Minimize to tray instead of closing"

Try using Shift+click->minimize