Browsing local files?

Hi, when you have the local file window open, is there any way to browse into directories? it seems i can only view the top level. hope that makes sense.



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User: Matt Ritchie
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I fully understand you on your question, but to correct you on the name of the feature, it's called the "Local Folder Bar".

Unfortunately the "Local Folder Bar" at the moment does not support viewing of files, only folders.

If you weren't aware though, you can use the "Local Browser" window panes, which will display files and folders.

To access the "Local Browser" feature, you can find it under the menu of FTP -> "Local Browser" or use the shortcut key of "Ctrl+L".

You then can use the "Toolbar" buttons of "Tile Horizontally" / "Tile Vertically" / "Cascade" - which will give it that split look.

You can also access the same options from the "Window" Menu. Hope this was of help to you!