Global queue error?

I often use the global queue, but recently the files was downloaded with wrong size (for example, on the server a file is 15MB large.. after download on my computer the file is 14,7MB large).
For SmartFTP the download was successfully and the file was deleted from queue...

In a list of files, any file was downloaded incorrect with different size (14,8MB ... 14,9MB ... 14,7MB).

Thanks for any suggestions

PS. I've SmartFTP licensed (V.1.0 Build 971)

Do you have the latest developer build installed?

BTW: 14.7MB is somthing like 15'000'000 bytes.

Thanks for buying a license!


Hi Mat,
thanks for your reply

Well.. 14,7MB is something like 15,000,000 bytes but, for example, when I download a list of .RAR files (15,000,000 bytes each), SmartFTP save any file with a different size. So, when I've downloaded that files, winRAR cannot uncompress the list of files because are of wrong or different size (I've tried many times).

Now, I test all with the developer build...


What if you download the files with "Download->Direct"?

I could also be a server issue. What FTP server is on the remote site?


Sorry Mat, but i think the problem is the transfer type. At the moment I force the transfer type to Binary... I notify you when download finished

Thanks again!

Yeah might be ..

Check your Settings->Transfer "ASCII File" extensions.

You can also right click on the item in the global queue and select "Show Log" to see what transfer type is being used.