Global queue error?


2002-11-26 13:45:09

I often use the global queue, but recently the files was downloaded with wrong size (for example, on the server a file is 15MB large.. after download on my computer the file is 14,7MB large).
For SmartFTP the download was successfully and the file was deleted from queue...

In a list of files, any file was downloaded incorrect with different size (14,8MB ... 14,9MB ... 14,7MB).

Thanks for any suggestions

PS. I've SmartFTP licensed (V.1.0 Build 971)


2002-11-26 14:32:18

Do you have the latest developer build installed?

BTW: 14.7MB is somthing like 15'000'000 bytes.

Thanks for buying a license!



2002-11-26 15:20:34

Hi Mat,
thanks for your reply

Well.. 14,7MB is something like 15,000,000 bytes but, for example, when I download a list of .RAR files (15,000,000 bytes each), SmartFTP save any file with a different size. So, when I've downloaded that files, winRAR cannot uncompress the list of files because are of wrong or different size (I've tried many times).

Now, I test all with the developer build...



2002-11-26 17:31:28

What if you download the files with "Download->Direct"?

I could also be a server issue. What FTP server is on the remote site?



2002-11-26 17:53:58

Sorry Mat, but i think the problem is the transfer type. At the moment I force the transfer type to Binary... I notify you when download finished

Thanks again!


2002-11-26 21:57:05

Yeah might be ..

Check your Settings->Transfer "ASCII File" extensions.

You can also right click on the item in the global queue and select "Show Log" to see what transfer type is being used.