File Upload Filters: Prevent .svn and _notes folders and subfolders / files from uploading

I have read the other forums posts about preventing smartFTP from uploading .svn files and _notes directories but haven't had the same success. What I am doing is going into Favorites, Right-Clicking the connection I'm trying to filter, Filters,

Options: Enable
Ignore Case: Checked
Filter List: Use Default Settings

And in Settings > Favorites > Default Favorite, I have tried a ton of different permentations including but not limited to


I have tried most of the regEx attempts with all the Scope options as well with no luck. I have tried to transfer by dragging files to the remote view, clicking the blue upload arrows. Once uploading I have tried use default rules and overwrite everything. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you,

Chris Jezowicz

The filter does not apply to the selected files/folders but only to files/folders in the subfolders of the selection.

When I was testing the filters I was uploading the folder "css" which had .svn and _notes folders inside of it. So by your suggestion, it should have uploaded everything inside of "css" and skipped over .svn and _notes, correct?

Yes, correct.

But it was uploading those files. What should I do? Could you post the correct RegEx for excluding .svn and _notes folders so I could try it again? Also suggest how I should be uploading my files so it follows the filters?

Are the files transferred through the transfer queue (Use Automatic Rules in the file exist dialog)? Did you try it with Wildcards instead of regexp?

I dragged and dropped the files from local to remote. I also tried the blue upload button in the center menu. Both of these methods add the files to the Transfer Queue in the bottom panel so I'm assuming yes. I used asterisk as a wildcard if I'm understanding you correctly? If not could you give me an example of how a wildcard would be different than regexp?

The question is if individual files are added or the folders containing the files you want to filter. Individual files are not filtered, files inside folders are.

Well first off I can't even select the .svn folders if for say it exists in the root directory. So besides the root .svn folder every other .svn folder exists within a folder that is selected and uploaded. In the example when I uploaded the CSS folder I selected the folder and uploaded that folder. It then went inside the folder and uploaded everything including the .svn folder which should have been excluded.

I don't know why the filters are not working for you. Sorry.

Is this how you typically handle customer support? Just give up? Hashtag not impressed.