Cannot setup a differnt editor to EDIT a remote file

I have tried to add Notepad++ to as my default remote editor for EDIT.

I am using the 64 bit home edition

I have done everything correctly as per your video and still whenever I try to open any .htm or .html files it defaults to MS Notepad as the editor.
Everything is setup correctly in the Tools > Seting > Remote Edit.

Why is it that SmartFTP does not recognize Notepad++ and it defaults to MS Notepad.

THe only way I can use Notepad++ is to use Edit with... and select Notepad++.

I will appreciate your help in fixing this problem

Try to edit the file with Edit With..., then select the editor you want to use.

I'm unable to reproduce the problem. Here is how I have set it up:
- Tools - Settings. In the Remote Edit dialog, added .php extension. Set the editor to C:\Windows\write.exe
- Ensured that the Remote Edit option in the same dialog is set to "Editors, Shell Extensions"

Connected to server, right-clicked on a .php file. In the context menu I noticed that the Edit menu item now has the icon of write. Clicked on Edit and the file was downloaded and opened in write/WordPad.