Transfer Timeout (60s). Closing data connection then retry at


2011-09-20 14:44:29

I'm using
Professional 4.0.1215.0 64 Bit
It has happen for the last year on every server but now its worse on this server (mine) for about 2 weeks now.
My router Verizon Fios has the latest firmware, My Sever VPS is using Pure-FTPd

When I start the transfer all is well moving alone fast the on a few of the connection 3 or 4 or of the 6
it will Stop and say (o bytes / Size of file ) then tome out and say retry at (Gives time)

Here is the log from the retry

[10:32:04] Operation Begin
[10:32:04] MLST colours.css
[10:32:04] 250-Begin
[10:32:04] type=file;size=21099;modify=20110815183818;UNIX.mode=0644;UNIX.uid=509;UNIX.gid=505;unique=fd00g5be1b2; colours.css
[10:32:04] 250 End.
[10:32:04] PORT 192,168,1,3,206,252
[10:32:05] 200 PORT command successful
[10:32:05] RETR colours.css
[10:32:05] 150-Connecting to port 52988
[10:32:05] 150 20.6 kbytes to download
[10:33:05] Transfer Timeout (60s). Closing data connection.
[10:33:05] 0 bytes transferred. (0 bytes/s) (00:01:00)
[10:34:05] Timeout (60s).
[10:34:05] Active Help:
[10:34:05] Client closed the connection.
[10:34:05] Transfer failed.
[10:34:05] Operation End

I tried changing from Passive Mode (PASV) to Active Mode (PORT) same results

I have check the thread here mostly from 2006-7 and a few from 9, most say what I checked above

If there is anything else you need please say so and I will provide


2011-09-20 15:41:37

Forgot to mention If I rightclick on the status message on the right and pick process if there is a available worker or the next one done it immediately transfers


2011-09-20 15:41:38

It's a network issue. What you can try:
1. Connect to (anonymous) and see if you have the same problem.
2. Uninstall your antivirus and software firewall product (disabling them is sometimes not enough)


2011-09-20 19:15:16

OK I will give that a go now


2011-09-20 19:35:50

I downloaded everything and no errors there were no Images or PHP Files thats were it hangs up (Forgot to mention that)