Transfer Timeout (60s). Closing data connection then retry at

I'm using
Professional 4.0.1215.0 64 Bit
It has happen for the last year on every server but now its worse on this server (mine) for about 2 weeks now.
My router Verizon Fios has the latest firmware, My Sever VPS is using Pure-FTPd

When I start the transfer all is well moving alone fast the on a few of the connection 3 or 4 or of the 6
it will Stop and say (o bytes / Size of file ) then tome out and say retry at (Gives time)

Here is the log from the retry

[10:32:04] Operation Begin
[10:32:04] MLST colours.css
[10:32:04] 250-Begin
[10:32:04] type=file;size=21099;modify=20110815183818;UNIX.mode=0644;UNIX.uid=509;UNIX.gid=505;unique=fd00g5be1b2; colours.css
[10:32:04] 250 End.
[10:32:04] PORT 192,168,1,3,206,252
[10:32:05] 200 PORT command successful
[10:32:05] RETR colours.css
[10:32:05] 150-Connecting to port 52988
[10:32:05] 150 20.6 kbytes to download
[10:33:05] Transfer Timeout (60s). Closing data connection.
[10:33:05] 0 bytes transferred. (0 bytes/s) (00:01:00)
[10:34:05] Timeout (60s).
[10:34:05] Active Help:
[10:34:05] Client closed the connection.
[10:34:05] Transfer failed.
[10:34:05] Operation End

I tried changing from Passive Mode (PASV) to Active Mode (PORT) same results

I have check the thread here mostly from 2006-7 and a few from 9, most say what I checked above

If there is anything else you need please say so and I will provide

Forgot to mention If I rightclick on the status message on the right and pick process if there is a available worker or the next one done it immediately transfers

It's a network issue. What you can try:
1. Connect to (anonymous) and see if you have the same problem.
2. Uninstall your antivirus and software firewall product (disabling them is sometimes not enough)

OK I will give that a go now

I downloaded everything and no errors there were no Images or PHP Files thats were it hangs up (Forgot to mention that)