No menu or shortcut after reinstalling

My desktop disappeard and in "all programs" the only thing I get are tools and registration number. To get the program I have to reinstall and run but it still does not put anything in menus.

I tried uninstalingl SmartFTP program (left data file) rebooted and reinstalled from the SmartFTP site before I made my first post. Still no menu item nor shortcut. It picked up some old data this time. I want to keep the most recent backup data as well as fix the lost menu and shortcut. Any help would be appreciated.

You can manually create a shortcut to the SmartFTP.exe in the %ProgramFiles%\SmartFTP Client folder.

I was able to "pin" a shortcut to the taskbar but not to the desktop. Since the SmatrFTP site was down last night late, I downloaded the most recrent 64 bit version today. It did not pick up the lastest backup settings. Only one favorite and I had to reajust the views etc. How do I make sure the most recent data is picked up? Can I use the "repair" and somehow point it to the most recent data and pick it up that way? I hate to have to to retype all of the favoites data. Still something weird about this installation. Thanks much!

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The favorites are stored in the %appdata%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Favorites folder. They are never deleted during uninstall/reinstall.Maybe they are still there? In SmartFTP, take a look at the menu: Favorites->Quick Connect.

Thanks, I found them.

This still doesn't answer why I cannot find SmartFTP in the "all programs menu" and it doesn’t install it during "remove and reinstall' but I can now access the program since I "pinned" it to the task bar.

I do not have any answers for that. But it is most likely a problem with your system/os.