Filter Sets or Why Change What Was Working?

Sometimes it seems to me that software is changed for the sake of change.

What used to be a three click change for me now is about 12.

I download large amounts of data based on file names that contain date of file creation. Before I could simply, for example, paste this into the filter for miscellaneous files: *20110801*;*20110802*;*20110803*;*20110804*;?0801*;?0802*;?0803*;?0804*. Now I'm forced enter 8 separate lines in the miscellaneous filter section.

I can see why some users would want a separate line for each file type in the index but you know what would be really useful? The ability to use the semicolon delimited list as input for a filter instead of 8 individual filters. Or am I missing something?

The filters have been designed so that they are setup once and then used many times. In your case you are looking for a throw away filter set. We might be able to add something like this in the menu: Edit->Select function.