Get Favorite Name with GUID


2011-08-19 20:24:46


I was wondering if there was a way to get the name of a favorite with a VBScript? I am trying to use a script that launches after TransferQueueOperation_OnEnd() . It should call other scripts based on the source server of the file transfered.

I can get the GUID of the favorite from TransferQueueOperation.TransferQueueItem.Source.FavoriteIdAsString but I can't seem to find a way to match this to the Favorite Name.

Is there more available than just ScriptHost and TransferQueueOperation as suggested by your help article 'Transfer Queue Item Scripting'? (see:

I downloaded the Client SDK but the information in the help file is very sparse.

Thank you for your assistance,


2011-08-19 22:10:23

Get the favorite (from the guid) from the favorites manager. Then you can get the name of the favorite from this object.