need help scheduling a task

I need to download two backup files on the server.They are created every night on the server automatically and given the date in the file name. The first file is backup_2011-08-10_06-00-01.abi and the second is backup_2011-08-10_06-00-01.tar.gz

After the files are downloaded i'd like to have them automatically deleted off the server. I dont mind having them build up on my local computer but I need to remove them off the server to save space. If I could create a schedule that would do this for me automatically, that would be awesome and save me some much needed time and piece of mind.

Assuming that these files are in on a folder on the server:
1. Setup a schedule of a folder
2. in the transfer queue item properties, in the advanced dialog, change the keep folder option to Keep Folder
3. Change the operation in the transfer queue item properties from Copy to Move

The Keep Folder option seems to be greyed out.

never mind...was doing file, not folder

I changed the keep folder option to keep folder and it did exactly what I wanted it to do with one problem. There was only one file in the folder, except when the schedule task started it put the same file in the transfer que 3 times. When the file was finished moving it was removed from the remote folder and then the transfer que keeps retrying to move the other two files in the que but can't because the file has been moved and is no longer there. The retry resets itself over every thirty seconds or so.

Maybe the task has been triggered too many times? If you remove the missing files now from the transfer queue, does it happen again?

Yes, it does happen again.

What triggers are you using?
Please post the system information from the menu: Help->About "System Information" dialog