Renaming local files pressing F2 doesn't work anymore

I usually work very often with shortkeys. And so I use to press F2 to rename a file. With remote files this shortkey still works fine but with local files F2 doesn't have any effect. I know that this worked a view time ago. I already reinstalled SmartFTP completely without any effect. So what's the problem?

Is there any context to another phenomen? When I connect a server via a favourite and there is opened a local window, too, the focus is on Desktop folder an NOT on the folder stated in the favourite.

Post the system information from the menu: help->About dialog

Try to close the preview control.

That's it! I'm flabbergasted!!! :-o Now renaming files and folders with F2 works again!

Is this a bug?

Yes. The next build will come with a bug fix.

Thank you very much for that great help !!!