replication bug?

I would like to report the following behavior. I have scheduled task to copy a directory on a server (and all its contents including subfolders) to a local directory. There is a directory on the server named “07-20-11 Order”. SmartFTP first copied this directory to my local drive as “07-29-11 Order”. In subsequent runs of this task this directory and all of its contents is being copied as “7-29-11 Order”, without the preceeding zero. If I delete either the “07…” or “7…” directories from my local drive, when the task runs it recreates the one I deleted. This seems very strage and is resulting in a 2GB folder being duplicated on my local machine.

It is hard to see why SmartFTP would randomly remove characters from file/folder name?

I agree. It is hard to see why. But this is what is happening and why I posted to this forum. Do you have any ideas? Or is this the extent of support that is available on this product?

We are unable to reproduce the problem. Also as I said, I do not think the problem is caused by SmartFTP.

Unfortunately, I think you are not correct about this. The only application involved is SmartFTP. There is a directory on the server, a directory on the client, and SFTP. SFTP is scheduled to start up through Windows scheduler and then runs a copy scheduled task on instantiation. I see no other software involved.

Please provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce the problem on a fresh installation of SmartFTP on a newly setup of Windows 7. It is important that you try to reproduce the problem with at least steps as possible (e.g. without the Windows task scheduler, etc).

I'm sorry, but I am not going to reinstall Windows to debug this. Thank you anyway.

You can install it on a VM or install SmartFTP on different computer and try to reproduce the problem.