Erratic browers in ver 4.0.1207

Using Win XP Pro (sp3), after updating version to 1207, I experienced loss of keyboard navigation in both the remote and local brower windows. Neither the arrow keys nor Enter work. Tried repair and a clean re-install - no help. Finally restored ver 1189 and all works OK.

Do you know how to reproduce the problem in a reliable way?

Meant to add that 1207 seems to work fine in a Win7 system. Didn't really mean "erratic", the cursor keys and <Enter> do not work in any remote or local brower on my XP system.

I've tried the registry hack above and and also tried installing ver 1209 - same (lack of) cursor key behavior. Re-installed ver 1189 and all seems OK.

It seems the problem is caused by the Preview control. As a temporary workaround, close the Preview control. We are sorry for your inconvenience.