Keep Alive Session

On the 64 bit client of SmartFTP Pro,Utimate there is no place to set a keep alive command. When looking at the keep alive settings page the options bar and interval are displayed and can be set however, the 2nd half of the page, where you can enter the keep alive command (ie: LIST), is blank. I see no other setting that would allow me to set this command. I have tried it with global settings and individual favorites settings. Please advise.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on a multi-core system.

The custom keep alive commands for FTP connections have been removed. A predefined set of commands are now used. If you want to periodically refresh the view there is a new setting in the global settings in the Navigation dialog.

This will indeed refresh the folders view but I need to keep the session, as identified in the log window, alive during periods of inactivity or large file transfers. The remote server sees both these examples as inactivity and closes the session after a few minutes aborting the file transfer. Please advise.

The browser (remote Browser) and transfer queue connections are independent. There is no need to keep the browser connection alive when doing large transfers.