Date Modified problem

On the left side of the screen, I can select to view files by "details" and sorted by "date modified".

The date modified sort option does not seem to be available on the right side of the screen which lists the files on my computer???

That presents a problem as the way I add updated files to my web site is to modify them locally, and then with a date modifed sort option those files will be at the top of the file list.

What can I do to have the files on the right side of the screen sorted and listed by date modified?

The help info does not seem to address this.

I probably am overlooking something, so please advise me on what to do.

Thank you.

Post the system information from the menu: help->About "System Information" dialog.

You can add the last modified column in any view.

Please provide steps as I could not find "about" and "system info"

That is: click help, click xxxx, click yyyy, click zzzz

That's the way my mind works

Thank you

PS I don't think that the "sort by" option of "date modified" is available on the screen that shows my local PC file listing (right screen). It is on the screen (left screen) showing the files on my web site. ???

Right-click on the row that has the titles such as name etc and select date-modified.

Left screen provides sort option of date modified:

Right screen does not provide that option:

Right clicking as you suggest does not lead to a solution.

To get the 2 screen pics to show up as the first 2 files in my list of files so I could easily find them and drag them over to the left for uploading and using their http url to put them in this post, I named them zz____.jpg

It would be better to have the date modified option.

So, please tell me again how to do that.


Right-click on the column header of the list view. Then select the last modified column.

I right clicked on the name column, and clicked date modified. I had not done that before. Nothing changed in the listing. ???

Then clicked on view option on the upper left of the whole screen, and then sort, and the date modified option was now shown as an option. I clicked on it and the file listing came up in date modified order.

Thank you.

I went back and clicked on the name heading and it came up in reverse alpha order, clicked again and it went back to to alpha order and not date modified order. Had to go back to the view option on the upper left of the whole screen and then selected the sort option which now had the date modifed option. Clicked on date modified, and the date modified sort appeared. That's what I wanted.

Now all I have to do is remember that. I'll save this as "0 1 how to sort.txt" file.

Assuming you have windows, one only has to click the column header 'date modified' to sort. It will keep on alternating between descending and ascending.

Assuming you have windows, one only has to click the column header 'date modified' to sort. It will keep on alternating between descending and ascending.

Yes, and I was able to do that about a zillion times in hopes that the good computer fairy would solve my problem. But alas and alak, that did not happen.

What I have found, is that one must do thus and so, and only then be allowed to do this and that; which zounds to me like someone, hast rules, that
in accord with something good, one is then obliged to follow, and in thus and that order.

Please excuse my drift off into my brand of "humor."

As to me, myself, and I, we only want to update my web site with the latest files I have updated.

Your software is an excellent vehicle for doing that which is why I bought it. And I thank you for that.

And the easiest way for me to update my web site, is to be presented with the latest files I have updated at my finger tips (at my mouse's pointer),
and then just grab and drag them from one side to another, and viola! success. How other does one do that?

The scheduling and other complex (to me), abiilities of your software are above me.

I am from the early days of DOS, which means I am quite old computer wise, and I also am very very old years wise.

Thanks again,

John Veit

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On the sort menu you see the menu item "More..." select this and it would show you the Column Dialog,
here you can modify the columns as you want, the right click menu only shows a five columns available.