SSH using The application rather than the library

It feels that I have read everything around scripting of the SmartFTP client but can't get my vbScript to work

Can someone answer a questions for me ?

1) My company has purchased the SmartFTP Pro Client. Is it possible to use vbscripting to automate an SSH file download without paying extra for the library licenses ?

You can automate it using the transfer queue but direct access to the FTP Library through SmartFTP is not allowed. You need a license for each computer which runs unattended tasks.

Thanks BM, is there any examples somewhere, can't see any on the support site


Thanks mb, i must admit the documentation and samples are confusing and are not full working examples.

All I want to to is evoke a favourite connections and download a file, is there any proposals to include a macro recorder on the application ?

What samples didn't work for you?