Folders look like files in version 4.0.1191.0

I was asked to install version 4.0.1191.0 to solve another problem - now 'folders' in my remote browser window are shown as 0 byte FILES and are not accessible. Can you help?

Please post a screenshot and the log from the remote browser. Thank you.

Please post a screenshot and the log from the remote browser. Thank you.

This is a terrible question - but how do I upload a screenshot or document to a post?

Please post the complete log from the remote browser and a complete screenshot.

The print screen is in a previous post called 'my link'. Here is the log from the remote browser when I launch SmartFTP:

[10:03:19] SmartFTP v4.0.1191.0
[10:03:21] Resolving host name ""
[10:03:21] Connecting to Port: 22
[10:03:21] SSH-2.0-1.82_sshlib GlobalSCAPE
[10:03:21] Starting SSH session. Remote Id: "SSH-2.0-1.82_sshlib GlobalSCAPE"
[10:03:21] SSH protocol version reply. Client Id: SSH-2.0-SmartFTP
[10:03:21] Key Exchange Algorithm: diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1
[10:03:22] Key exchange completed.
[10:03:22] Host Key Algorithm: ssh-dss
[10:03:22] Client to Server Encryption: 3des-cbc
[10:03:22] Server to Client Encryption: 3des-cbc
[10:03:22] Session MAC: hmac-sha1
[10:03:22] Client to Server Compression: zlib
[10:03:22] Server to Client Compression: zlib
[10:03:22] Requesting service "ssh-userauth".
[10:03:23] RTT: 1518.032 ms
[10:03:23] Authentication request. Method: none
[10:03:23] Received authentication banner message.
[10:03:23] Server supported authentications: password
[10:03:23] Authentication request. Method: password
[10:03:24] User authentication successful.
[10:03:24] SSH session established.
[10:03:24] Connected to
[10:03:24] Opening channel 0.
[10:03:24] Channel successfully opened (Local=0, Remote=0).
[10:03:24] Requesting subystem "sftp" (Local=0, Remote=0).
[10:03:24] Sending FXP initialization. Protocol version=4294967295.
[10:03:24] SFTP protocol version 4294967295
[10:03:24] Resolving path ".".
[10:03:24] Path successfully resolved to "/".
[10:03:24] Resolving path "/".
[10:03:24] Path successfully resolved to "/".
[10:03:24] Reading directory "/".
[10:03:24] 111 bytes transferred. (649 bytes/s) (171 ms)
[10:03:24] Closing file handle.
[10:03:24] Directory listing complete.

It's a server bug triggered by SmartFTP. The workaround is as following:
- Go to the Favorite Properties (menu: Favorites->Favorite Properties)
- Click on the "Edit Default Favorite" link at the bottom left
- Go to the SFTP dialog
- Change the protocol from version 3 to version 6

Worked perfectly - thank you!!