Smart Ftp and ProStores

Below are the instructions for logging in from ProStores. I cannot seem to consistently find a way to log in. Specific problems are I cannot change anonymous to Normal and I cannot make to Settings Match up with Smart FTP. Note:I have logged in many times but do so infrequently. I save my settings but they never work two times in a row. I just have to play with it for sometimes an hour to log in.

Can someone help me?

Server Type: FTPES
Port: 21
Logon Type: Normal (not anonymous)
Username / Password: Primary ProStores login credentials
Connection Type: FTPS
SSL Settings: Use SSL-encrypted connection with Auth TLS (or TLS 1)
FTP Client Requirements: Must support SSL-encrypted/TLS connection (Auth TLS or TLS 1)
Below are several FTP clients (both free and paid) that support SSL

> I cannot change anonymous to Norma
Please go to the menu: File->New Remote Browser. Enter the username/password and host. Then select the Protocol. E.g. FTPS (Explicit)