Upgraded from XP to Win7


I just recently upgraded from Windows XP to windows 7. Ive loaded smartftp back on and updated my website using frontpage. Went to upload it from Smartftp and this is showing.


I do remember with Win XP it used to be blank.

I just didnt want to upload it and all those x's pop up on my website without asking if this is supposed to look like this because im also having problems with win7 only allowing to revise my website through my "win old folder"

What you see is expected. The Preview window cannot display the images. To view your page on the server open a browser window.

Thanks for your response. So if i go and upload..it wont show the x's?

Yes the pictures are shown in a real browser. The preview in SmartFTP only shows the HTML code but has no access to the pictures.

Thankyou!! It worked, just didnt want to stuff anything up