Can't View Files on Remote Server

We are interested in purchasing SmartFTP. The programming is working for two FTP servers with two different companies, but with one company, I can't see the files when I connect. I know the files are there because I have a copy of FTP Voyager which shows the files.

Here is my setup:
Windows 7 64 bit SmartFTP
Connecting using FTPS, explicit, passive mode

Thank you!

Please post the complete log from the remote browser.

Here is the log:
[10:49:19] SmartFTP v4.0.1176.0
[10:49:20] Resolving host name ""
[10:49:20] Connecting to Port: 13651
[10:49:20] Connected to
[10:49:20] 220 FTP Server ready.
[10:49:20] AUTH TLS
[10:49:20] 234 Security data exchange complete.
[10:49:20] TLS 1.0 encrypted session established.
[10:49:20] Key Exchange: 1024 bit RSA
[10:49:20] Session Cipher: 128 bit AES
[10:49:20] Command channel protection set to Private.
[10:49:20] PBSZ 0
[10:49:20] 200 PBSZ command successful.
[10:49:20] USER FREMINVO
[10:49:20] 331 Password required for FREMINVO.
[10:49:20] PASS (hidden)
[10:49:20] 230 User FREMINVO logged in.
[10:49:20] SYST
[10:49:20] 215 UNKNOWN Type: L8
[10:49:20] RTT: 56.155 ms
[10:49:20] TYPE I
[10:49:21] 200 Type set to I.
[10:49:21] REST 0
[10:49:21] 550 Operation is not supported under Connect:Enterprise FTP server.
[10:49:21] PWD
[10:49:21] 257 "/FREMINVO" is current directory.
[10:49:21] TYPE A
[10:49:21] 200 Type set to A.
[10:49:21] PROT P
[10:49:21] 200 PROT command successful.
[10:49:21] PASV
[10:49:21] 227 Entering Passive Mode (171,161,162,55,53,106)
[10:49:21] Opening data connection to Port: 13674
[10:49:21] LIST
[10:49:21] 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for .
[10:49:21] 226 Transfer complete.
[10:49:21] 97 bytes transferred. (567 bytes/s)

I will send screen shots as soon as I can.

I would prefer not putting the images on our public website. Can I email the screen shots or attach the files?


Are you certain that the /FREMINVO folder contains any files? The server only returns 97 bytes for the directory listing.

Please do the following:
Right-click on the folder in the tree view (left side), select "Show Raw Listing" from the context menu. Save the text file and email it to

Thank you

I was wondering if FREMINVO was the correct folder too, but I can see the files in that folder if I use ftp voyager and I can see files in the raw listing. I like SmartFTP better, though.

Anyway, here is the raw listing:
-ART------TCP A ceunix 388293 601 Apr 20 13:28 Test
-AR--M----TCP A ceunix 198898 57259 Apr 21 14:08 Test
Total number of batches listed: 2

Thank you. The problem is that the server does not identify the system correct:
[10:49:20] SYST
[10:49:20] 215 UNKNOWN Type: L8

It should identify itself as Connect:Enterprise and SmartFTP would use the correct parser. I have added a workaround. It will be available with the next build of SmartFTP.

Thank you for looking into this. Do you know when the next build will be released?

If its urgent I will try to compile a private build for you within the next days.

That would be great!

That would be great!

How will I be notified that the update is ready/

We will post it here. You can subscribe to this thread so you will receive an email as well.