Smart FTP 4 no connection


I just purchased Smart FTP Ultimate. I can't get New remote browser to connect. My website still shows 403 forbidden and not Propagated would that be a cause?

I also have AVG V. 9.872 anti Virus and firewall.

When I create a new remote broswer

protocol: FTP
Host: ftp.Mydomain
user name and password: Can it be different from my cpanel ftp username or must it be the same?

I never went into properties either


Usually the FTP username/password is different from your cpanel credentials. Please contact your web hosting provider for the correct FTP username/password.

I never configured ftp client with filezilla or core in my cpanel is that the issue?

I apologize but I cannot follow? To connect to your FTP server you need a host, username/password. Once you have this information, go to the menu: File->New Remote Browser in SmartFTP.

A forbidden error simply means there is no index, upload an index.html or index.php and the page will be loaded instead of the error message.

How do I do this step by step please