Not Seeing All the Options in the Transfer Queue

Working with a client and trying to show them how to automate a file that we need sent to us whenever it is updated. He is using the 30 day trial to test to make sure it works before he makes a purchase (I just use SmartFTP at home since we are a MAC office, but have clients for my business purchase the software for this awesome feature among others). In trying to set up the monitoring of a file, I notice that he does not have all of the properties tabs that he should. He is missing Schedule and Monitor. What would cause this? I have attached a screenshot.


The scheduler has been refactored in the latest version (the one you are using). To schedule/monitor a file, right-click on the transfer queue item and select "Schedule" from the context menu. There is also a "Monitor Folder" tutorial that might be helpful:
Monitoring a folder works the same as monitoring of a file.