smartftp and XP sp2

Hi there
I'm currently using build 1145; checked/downloaded the most recent version, but on my old home PC I haven't XP-sp3, and build 1165 requires just that.
- Which is the last build working with Xp-sp2?
- Is it possible to get it, from some link/storage of old builds?
- Will the program keep on working fine, if I keep this older build (or the most recent one working with Xp-sp2)?

Thanks in advance for your help / advice!

My recommendation is to install Windows XP SP3.

My recommendation is to install Windows XP SP3.

Of course, it would be the easiest solution, but I had some troubles/conflicts when I tried, some time ago, and I opted to quietly stay with SP2.
Within 6 months I'll upgrade hardware + Win7, so I just wished to find a bridging workaround (or, at least, having the confirmation that the build 1145 will keep on working fine for the time being).

We did not test it with Windows XP SP2 so we cannot give any guarantees. But generally I would say if you can start SmartFTP and don't see any obvious issues it should be fine.