Restore deleted everything

On January 25th, the long, complex, fully scheduled Transfer Queue that had been running smoothly for a year suddenly disappeared. (Will i have to go in and "schedule" each file one by one again?)

Then, when i went to restore one of the eight Backup profiles, it came up totally empty: My windows had now also disappeared. Only the 'Welcome to SmartFTP' window comes up. Is there any reason the restore function wouldn't work?
I am running the 64-bit v4.0.1160.0 version. I notice now that the pre-January 17th backups were to version v4.0.1090.0. Restoring to one of those didn't work either.

Can you tell me how to restore the setup that has been working for the past year?


Try the following:
1. First go to the Scheduler pane (menu: View->Other Windows->Scheduler) and check if your scheduled tasks are not already there. If not continue with 2.
2. Install the latest version of SmartFTP:
3. Manually extract the Transfer Queue.xml from your backup file (open the zip with winrar, etc)
4. In the Transfer Queue pane in SmartFTP, click on Add and select the Transfer Queue.xml you have extracted in 3.
5. If the Transfer Queue.xml contained any scheduled items, the scheduled items are converted to scheduled tasks which you can find in the Scheduler pane