Generic "Not Implemented" error in SmartFTP when printing from other applications

Hi there, I have an issue that randomly started happening.

Whenever I print something (to any printer) from other applications, SmartFTP pops up a warning message "not implemented".


- It happens when printing from ANY application
- It happens when printing to ANY printer (even PDF printer)
- It happens to all recent versions 4 of SmartFTP. I am running 4.0.1156.0 but it happened in older builds too

I am running XP SP3 32 bit with the 32 bit 4.0.1156.0 of SmartFTP

I did nothing to make this start happening. I have not tried reinstalling smartftp yet, but I have rebooted several times in the last few weeks.

Yep, i just updated and you are correct!
Too bad I didn't see the new version until after I posted today haha.

Now when I opened SmartFTP I get this warning, click YES and everything is OK !!!



These are actually two different issues.

>Not implemented
That was a bug in SmartFTP on Windows XP

This is a bug in Adobe's psicon.dll that crashes SmartFTP.