Fatal Error: _com_error in InitInstance()

Hi there!

Since a few days I get sometimes the following message when I start SmartFTP:


When I submit this with OK the program starts BUT a lot of settings seems to be reset. For example the interface language is set to English (I'm using German!). Then I configure the application again and it can be that it starts the next times without any problems. And then... the message dissapears agian. What is happening there?

Post the system information from the menu: Help->About "System Information" dialog.

Does it work if you set the language to english?

To clear up a misunderstanding: This error appears NOT everytime I start SmartFTP. It's only sporadically. So I cannot say if it's working with language set to English. I could work with SmartFTP in English the next days to check it but I even cannot say if this is the reason when the message doesn't appear anymore.

Please enable debug logs:
https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/how- ... f2613.html

When it happens again send us all the SmartFTP*.log files from the %appdata%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0 folder. Maybe we can find something in the log that will give us an idea why the crash happens.

A new build has been released. Instead of displaying a message box, SmartFTP will crash now:
The generated crash dump (when the debugger is enabled or with advplus) will give us more information about the problem.