Scripting - where to start

Ok so i'm thinking about using a script.

before i get into the nitty gritty i would like to check if my approach is correct.

so here goes.
in summary i want to start with a file in the source directory, copy it to a temp dir, run a batch file on it, transfer the result of the batch file (a file) to the remote destination, move source file into a 'transfered' dir and delete the file that was transfered.

what i think i want to do is this;
1 click on a folder in the local browser.
2 click the transfer icon [atm thats in the middle between the remote and local browsers].
3 click the start icon on the transfer queue.

then i would like smartftp to;
4 copy the item (itemA)to be processed into a temporary directory.
4a create an entry in a logfile of itemA name [ie filename of the file just copied into the temporary directory].

5 execute a batch file on the file in the temporary directory. [which will generate a new item (itemB).]
5a create an entry in the same logfile of itemB name.

6 copy the item (itemB) to the remote destination [transfer].
6a create an entry in the logfile advising transfer completed.the temporary directory].

7 copy itemA from temporary directory to a 'transfer completed' directory.

8 delete itemA from source directory.
9 delete itemA from temporary directory.
10 delete itemB from temporary directory.

now i think i can do all this in one script based on;

would i do 4 and 4a in TransferQueueOperation::OnBegin()
then do 5 and 5a in TransferQueueOperation::OnBegin()
finally 7 in TransferQueueOperation::OnEnd()

would i be able to click on the parent item in the transfer queue to assign the script once?


Unfortunately support for the SDK/scripting is not included in the license fee for the Pro/Ultimate edition. If you are interested in consulting please contact our support department.

i tried googling for some help on this and oddly enough the only help for scripting was loads of hits from the smartftp forum.

what form of licence would allow you to comment as you have previously for others?