File Encryption

i notice that the pro version offers file encryption.
i understand this to mean that my local file is encrypted and then transfered to the ftp destination.
so irrelivant of whether of not the ftp destination stores my files encrypted by them the files are stored encrypted due to smartftp.

are the filenames changed during smartftp encryption?
what i mean is say the file is locally called list_of_dogs.txt and contains plain text as doberman, lab, collie.
during smartftp encryption doberman, lab, collie are encrypted.
does the filename change from list_of_dogs.txt?
will the ftp destination admins be able to see that there is a file called list_of_dogs.txt but be unable to see its contents due to the smartftp encryption?

if the filenames are not altered by smarftp is there some form of plugin for smartftp that will use the smartftp encryption to alter the filenames.

is it possible to use a third party encryption application with smartftp?
i am thinking that rather than using the already present encryption option in smartftp i might use a different encryption method.
is this possible?

forgive me if these things are already present within smartftp.
i am new to the program and the use of online storage in general.

>file name encryption
Not implemented right now

>plugin for file name encryption

>3rd party encryption

is it possible to use the smartftp sdk to do what i want?
i'm thinking of a pre-transfer script to encrypt filename and or file contents.
obviously with the reverse happening on download.

i'm thinking these scripts are per favourite.

should i be asking sdk questions elsewhere or is this the right place to ask?

It should be possible with the SDK. But please keep in mind that the SDK is provided as is and technical support is not included.

i'm looking for a way of associating scripts with a favourite.
whilst looking around i found;
properties/transfer/transfer options/default codepage which initially got my hopes up, but i think thats something else entirely.

is it possible to;
associate a script with a favourite?
use a different compression method other than zlib?

i'm thinking say securezip which can both encrypt file contents and file name.