File Exists

Dear all

I want to copy files to a remote server but i do not want to copy if a file exists with the same name and same date/time - i want to copy only the new files.
I have put to the property of queue "Advanced", "File Exist Action"=Rules
I have put at the Files property of the Favorites destination - Enable to all values (Keep modify time, Keep Create Time)
I have put at the File Exist property "Remote Browser"=Use Automatic Rules and at the "Transfer Queue File Exists Rules"=Use Favorite's Settings and i have edit a rule = if destination time is equal and Size is equal and Transfer Nomatter then skip

But the old files are overwritten always because i noticed that when a file is transferred the date/time changes to the current - it does not keep the original.

I am doing something wrong ?


Your server does not support the keep file time feature.

Ok - so there is another smart way that Smartftp handles this problem or not ?

What protocol are you using? FTP or SFTP over SSH?

FTP - port 21 - its an IIS ftp

Yes the my previous answer applies. Server does not support the necessary feature.

Do you propose a server that we should install to support all these features ?


What version of IIS are you running? It seems IIS 7 (Windows Server 2008) offers MDTM to set the filetime.

No - we are using Windows 2000 Server - service pack 4
Can we install on it an external IIS to support MDTM ?

Install IIS on Windows 2008 R2.